Upgraded Roboceratops Still Not Extinct

We first heard about [Robert Stephenson]’s robotic baby dinosaur a few years ago, and recently he made some upgrades.

Roboceratops V2 uses 10 servos in the jaw, neck, tail, and front and back legs with 16 degrees of freedom—the two front legs each got an additional degree of freedom in the upgrade. [Robert] is currently in the process of swapping out the Hitec HS645 MGs for higher-torque New Power XLDs.

The older version had aluminum legs covered with upholstery foam, but [Robert] has refined the design. The head, body, and legs are made from laser-cut MDF sanded to give a more natural, bone-like rounding. Finally, to better make use of the new servos [Robert] rewrote the gait engine, giving Robosaurus a more natural motion as it adjusts its center of gravity with each step.

So, for the next version are we all on board for simulated skin?

12 thoughts on “Upgraded Roboceratops Still Not Extinct

  1. It needs front paws and less xylophone. Sorry, but that bumper music loop distracts from the coolness of the dinobot. Does look like something I would purchase as a “robo-pet”. The thing actually looks ‘alive’ when the guy move its jaw around.

  2. I think the “phoenix” style inverse kinematic gait doesn’t work as well with something that’s not built like a spider. I think maybe with this leg structure ankles (really toes) might be a necessity for natural motion. That, or the legs are just missing a few minor degrees of freedom.

    1. It looks like it’s (aiming at) a statically stable gait. Natural looking quadruped walking really needs a dynamic gait since even at a slow walk, there are parts of the stride where only two legs are on the ground.

  3. The robot is amazing very life like and would make a great entertainer for any child i do think it needs something doing with the legs though its movement just isn’t quit there @Tane might be on to something with dynamic gait however i do think it needs feet to help it.

    Maybe look into the dinosaur type robot they had on a week ago it could walk sorry run on a treadmill might be able to apply its motion to yours anyone got a link?

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