Impressive Electric Quad Bike

[EV4] is a small Polish company that makes electric vehicles, like this rather cool electric quad It’s an impressive build, including two 1 kW motors and a tilting turning system that makes it more maneuverable than most quad bikes. It has big, wide tires, a raised battery and longitudinal arms that mean it can climb over obstacles. That all makes it great for off-road use, and it’s just 60 cm (just under 24 inches) wide, which is much smaller than most quad bikes. It also has a top speed of 35 km/h, which would make it somewhat illegal to use on the public roads in many places. As someone who can’t ride a two-wheel bike because of a lousy sense of balance, I’d love to build something like this. Has anyone got plans for something similar?

UPDATE: The initial version of this post linked to a YouTube scraper: this has been removed and updated with links to the real hackers who created this quad.

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  1. Whadya mean you can’t ride a bike because of a lack of balance. This is totally a bootstrapping problem. Get the thing moving and the gyro forces stabilize everything — at least that is how it seems to me.

    Quad bike? I would just call it a quad. It ain’t a bike no more once you got more than 2 wheels. 3 is a tricycle and 4 is a quad. Anyway people call the gas run things quads around here. I just call them vehicles. The only thing bicycle like is the handlebars. So this would be an electric quad, eh? What about the firmware?

    1. That assumes that Pilot Induced Oscillation doesn’t cause problems. A lot of aircraft are stick-free (hands-off) stable, but any pilot worth their salt can still plant one if they muck about too much.

    1. I don’t think the user which created and posted the video on YouTube has anything to do with the product.
      He simply re-edited one of their promotion videos and added his own texts etc. to get views.

    1. Add in the fact that the video by “Rasel” is clearly taken from the creator’s website (a Polish company called EV4), with the summary points of the description added as titles and narrated, new craptacular xylophone music added and “please like and share XDDD” at the end. Textbook content-jacking, with the original source THERE IN THE YOUTUBE VIDEO DESCRIPTION.

      This is apparently hackaday-worthy content these days: a stolen video of a commercial product.

  2. Good job Richard Baguley, I can see you have what it takes to be HAD editor, quality work!

    > [Rasel] hasn’t yet released his plans

    Did Rasel release his plans for “Hot Esha Gupta Hot Video Photoshoot Egupta videos||By Rasel Homemade creator” or any other of his awesome hacks? or maybe its some shitty indian YT clickbait stolen video farm sweatshop?

    This quad is build in Poland, and even if you dont recognize Warsaw or polish language on one of the shop signs you could use some critical thinking and wonder why is the heavy Indian accent guy narrating video shot in European city full of blondes…

    YT clip was stolen from :

  3. This looks cool and appears much safer than 4-wheelers. Seriously haven’t known anyone that has owned a 4-wheeler that wasn’t badly hurt on it. I also don’t know a lot of sensible dudes to be fair.

    If it were me and wanted something capable and safe to offroad with it’d be a Rokon.

    1. People get hurt by those things due to two reasons. One is underestimating the power and flipping backwards. The other is not thinking of the lack of differentials while on tarmac and flipping sideways in a turn.

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