Walking Through MRIs With A Vive

If you were to make a list of the most important technological achievements of the last 100 years, advanced medical imaging would probably have to rank right up near the top. The ability to see inside the body in exquisite detail is nearly miraculous, and in some cases life-saving.

Navigating through the virtual bodies generated by the torrents of data streaming out of something like a magnetic resonance imager (MRI) can be a challenge, though. This intuitive MRI slicer aims to change that and makes 3D walkthroughs of the human body trivially easy. [Shachar “Vice” Weis] doesn’t provide a great deal of detail about the system, but from what we can glean, the controller is based on a tablet and Vive tracker. The Vive is attached to the back of the tablet and detects its position in space. The plane of the tablet is then interpreted as the slicing plane for the 3D reconstruction of the structure undergoing study. The video below shows it exploring a human head scan; the update speed is incredible, with no visible lag. [Vice] says this is version 0.1, so we expect more to come from this. Obvious features would be the ability to zoom in and out with tablet gestures, and a way to spin the 3D model in space to look at the model from other angles.

Interested in how the machine that made those images works? We’ve covered the basics of MRI scanners before. And if you want to go further, you could always build your own.

[via r/interestingasfuck]

10 thoughts on “Walking Through MRIs With A Vive

    1. Get a copy of the free DICOM viewer irfanview some time.

      It’s the most complicated, non-intuitive interface you’re likely to encounter. It’s completely opaque to the new user, and cannot be figured out by playing around.

  1. First off, thats really pretty damn cool!
    But i have to wonder how they see this getting used, you cant really wave a tablet around at a patient imo?

    Still awesome for the doctors & nurses tho :D

  2. The plural of acronyms tend to be the same acronym.
    Magnetic Resonance Image = MRI = Magnetic Resonance Images = MRI.
    Light Emitting Diode = LED = Light Emitting Diodes. = LED.

    And on the point of the project, that’s damn impressive and neat, amazing what Unity can help people do BTW. Reminds me of Processing in what it all unlocks for people trying things.
    Albeit that Processing is less invasive in terms of rights and privacy and wins out for me.

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