Gorgeous Omnidirectional 3D Printed Speaker

With all due respect to the hackers and makers out there that provide us with all these awesome projects to salivate over, a good deal of them tend to prioritize functionality over aesthetics. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, and arguably better than the alternative. But for many people there’s a certain connotation around DIY, an impression that the final product is often a little rough around the edges. It’s usually cheaper, maybe even objectively better, but rarely more attractive.

Which makes builds like this absolutely beautiful 3D printed Bluetooth speaker by [Ahmsville] especially impressive. Not only did he engineer a fantastic sounding speaker that projects stereo sound no matter where you are in the room, he clearly gave a lot of thought into making the final product look as good as it sounds.

The 3D-printed enclosure provides separation for the four internal speakers and two passive radiators, as well as holding the electronics. A custom made 3S battery powers the Bluetooth module though an isolated step-down module, and the twin 18 W TDA2030 amplifiers feed their respective pair of drivers.

The device is surrounded by an impressively detailed 3D-printed mesh, which is then wrapped with some speaker grill fabric to give it a very professional look. In the video after the break, [Ahmsville] shows a time-lapse of building the speaker, as well as a demonstration of how it sounds on his desk.

If you’re more about function than what the finished product looks like, we’ve covered speaker enclosures made out of various types of actual trash which you can take a look at.

12 thoughts on “Gorgeous Omnidirectional 3D Printed Speaker

  1. Really cool looking speaker but please, don’t use those protection boards for charging!
    They do work fine for discharge / undervoltage protection but fail at charging the cells properly.

    If you connect a power supply, it will charge the cells but only until one cell of the 3 reaches it’s limit. Also, it doesn’t to CC/CV charging but just connects the PSU to the pack! In case you really need to build a 3S pack, get an external 12,6V LiPo charger that does CC/CV charging.

    I recently went through the same problems in finding a 3S BMS that does charging correctly and could not find anything. So in case I’m wrong, please correct me. I’m still searching!

    1. Yeah, it’s one of those things where we can’t really tell how it sounds for sure. But given how much work/thought went into it, I’m sure he wouldn’t have stopped refining the design unless he was satisfied with it.

  2. Covered in light fabric it will get dirty if handled (it’s portable not desk bound), oh it has a convenient thumb grip right in the middle. Our ears are separated by more than the spacing of those “stereo” speakers. One big speaker in mono will sound better in a box resonating in the bass range than boxes of less than one octave range coffee cup sound effects. Ditch blurtooth.

    With 3D printing you could come up with multiple serpentine duct resonating functions with a single bass speaker in a bread box sized device and it would look really cool.

  3. That’s a really design! I love that he spent time talking about how to trim down components if you want to cut costs.

    It’s just a shame that he didn’t sand the edges before gluing it together, I don’t think you would be able to tell it was home made if he had!

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