Share Screen To RGB Panel With Pi Pico W

RGB LEDs are great for adding a bit of color to your life, and it’s even more satisfying to use a matrix of them as a graphic display. [bitluni] built an RGB LED display with Pi Pico to which you can share a pixelated version of your PC’s screen.

[bitluni] wanted to gain some experience with MicroPython on the Raspbery Pi Pico W, and had previously used WebSockets to transmit display data over WiFi. Unfortunately, the available MicroPython WebSockets implementation didn’t leave enough RAM for the rest of the code. Instead, he set up a simple HTTP server on the Pico that receives the pixel data as a POST request. This makes for a slow refresh rate but still looks great, especially with the 3D printed rear-projection frame.

To send display data from the computer, [bitluni] uses a simple locally hosted HTML page that takes the Pico’s IP address, and prompts you to select the display or window you want to share. It uses JavaScript to grab the display data, generate the required low-res pixel values, and send the POST request.

This looks like a fun weekend project to add to your lab or home and only costs about $20 in parts. It’s basically a scaled-down version of his giant ping pong ball wall display.

13 thoughts on “Share Screen To RGB Panel With Pi Pico W

        1. Yep. There is also no price gouging. Last week (in Czech republic) I ordered 2 Pico W under 8eur each. They were not exactly in stock but expected delivery is this week so no big deal.

      1. Seems scalpers are getting everything. I recently found out about the Flipper Zero. The website is sold out, but ebay has more than I can count at 2-3x the price.

        No thanks, I will wait for their store to restock.

      2. Yeah i found similar on amazon 2 for 22 bucks but cheapest shipping on sites that sell them is 9.50 and you can only order 1 at a time so thats like 13.50 each X2 would be 27.00 bucks… πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ lol

    1. Amazon’s showing 2-packs in stock in the US right now for $14.50 ($7.25 per), Prime delivery tomorrow. I grabbed two from the same seller a few weeks ago, they’re the real thing.

  1. I got a couple Pico Ws from adafruit a week or so ago. Of course, all out again. I did to the ‘notify’ me when back in stock which helped… But you still can’t delay in putting in your order…. I refuse to buy from scalpers…. Not worth it…. That said, ironically my order was over $100 :rolleyes: as I had to make the purchase ‘worth it’ to justify the high shipping cost……

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