Noodles Time Themselves While Cooking

Despite the name, so-called “instant” noodles still need to sit for a few minutes before they’re actually ready to eat. Most people would likely use a simple kitchen timer to let them know when it’s time to chow down, but this unique mechanical timer uses the weight of the noodles themselves to power a timing mechanism.

The timer acts in much the same way that a pendulum clock would, in that a weight provides the energy to drive the clock’s mechanism which releases that energy in discrete steps. Besides a few metal parts and some magnets, the majority of the clock is 3D printed with a small platform on the side where the noodles rest. As the platform falls the weight drives the clock mechanism which will finally alert the user when they finish their descent three minutes later with the help of a small bell. There’s even an analog display which shows the number of minutes remaining before the noodles are ready to eat.

As far as single-purpose kitchen appliances go, this is one that we might find ourselves sacrificing some counter space for not only for the usefulness but also for the aesthetic appeal of the visible clock movements and high-quality design. It could even go beside the automatic ramen cooker for when we’re too busy (or lazy) to even boil the water for instant noodles ourselves.

Thanks to [PietdeVries] for the tip!

24 thoughts on “Noodles Time Themselves While Cooking

  1. I never use a timer with the type that’s already in a container. I don’t even understand the point of a timer. I open the container, put the contents inside a ziplock bag I use specifically for noodles. Then I crush it to make the noodles shorter. I then put the noodles back and cover it with hot water until the marked line. I’ll put it to the side and check back later to see if it’s cooled down enough to eat. After the 2 minutes it takes, it’s still way too hot for me to eat, so what’s the point in eating it if I burn my mouth doing so?

    1. 2 minutes? Everyone knows noodles take 3 minutes.
      The point is fun, not usefulness. I thought that was obvious. I love the design.
      I never time my noodle cooking. I just wait and taste to see it is cooked enough for me. I usually boil the noodles in a pan.

      1. Funny, they’re known as “two minute noodles” in common parlance here in NZ. Not sure what tech we have access to that reduces our noodle cooking time by a third but I’m not complaining

        1. I’ve tried dozens of instant noodle brands in my life. Most take longer to cook than on the package. Sometimes replacing the cooled down water half way with new boiling water helps it cook quicker and makes them softer. 3-4 minutes is common. I’ve never had a brand that takes 3 minutes with boiled water. Maybe if you cook it in a pan.

  2. I like the packet version better since it gives you more bang for the buck. Add a little more water than what the packet says, then when it boils add the condiments and fresh veggies to taste and let them boil for 15 minutes. Then add the noodles, boil for another five, win. Some dried and salted shrimp work wonders since the veggies throw the salt balance off a bit which you can fix with a bit of powdered chicken stock but it is more fun to use shrimp.

    Obviously this is homemade stuff but that’s fine since with vegetables it makes for a tabletop meal. And as a faux chef I love to taste stuff as it cooks till the point I declare it ready to eat.

  3. the gimmick is silly, but i have wanted to do basically this project (but with a permanently-installed weight) for a long time. the quality of off-the shelf kitchen timers i’ve used leaves so much to be desired, i really think i could make a genuinely useful device, if a bit space-intensive.

  4. These types of fried ramen are awful food, do yourself a favor and look into the ramen which is parboiled in the bag which aren’t fried and don’t contain a ton of saturated fat, nevermind how much better they taste.

    The device however is ingenious and interesting, thank you for sharing it.

  5. I think this is really cute and we know it’s not a necessity or something that needs to work perfectly or that the noodles it’s for are the “healthiest”. I just think it’s a fun and adorable item that would make a nice little gift for someone who appreciates things like this. Being one myself, I’m probably getting one if I can justify it. 😆
    🖤 🍜

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