EFiX Dongle Still Not Available

Well, it’s June 23rd, and still no dongle from EFiX. Despite a new product page on the company’s site, the OS X installing dongle is still not available for purchase. The USB dongle is supposed to facilitate the installation of Mac OS X by booting the Leopard install DVD on PCs, but so far no one has been able to verify this claim as no one has one of these in their hands yet. We’ve been covering this story since the beginning, and we’ll be sure to let you know when you can actually buy one of these.

[via Engadget]

15 thoughts on “EFiX Dongle Still Not Available

  1. winphreak,

    I don’t think that’s likely, what makes osx so attractive to most people is the same thing that limits it to proprietary hardware, reliability mainly. I have a feeling that if widows only ran on proprietary bundled hardware, and had the same market share that apple has, it would be considered to be of similar reliability and consistency to OSX.

  2. as a developer who has real apple hardware, the reliability factor IMHO is a myth. os/x from my development standpoint is one of the most unstable platforms i have ever dealt with. Honestly xp/sp2 blows it out of the water. I know the apple fanboys will freak out for someone saying it, but it is what i have dealt with.

    as for apple opening up to non-apple platforms, i am all for that, but know in reality it would never happen. I think this toy/gadget is a good start and would force MS to develop different stratagies for thier product line.

  3. i do not approve of this post.

    i am sensitive but that ain’t the reason why i do not approve. a late product is not a hack.

    for the record, i did send in a hack today with a little description. i will continue to do that daily.

  4. Mike, your obsessive (bordering on obsessive-compulsive) ‘approvals’ and ‘disapprovals’ of posts do nothing. If you dont like it, dont read it or post. It’s just that easy. I for one am interested in the hardware behind a gizmo such as this (even if it were vaporware). I see this site as not just ‘hacks’ but a place for cool gizmos, hardware, software and other tasty tech bits that I can sink my brains teeth into.

  5. i suspect it is a scam to collect personal info it goes like this.

    they claim to be selling a device with magical powers.

    collect the info like your email address,credit card info and mailing address so they can sell to id thieves

  6. @earl: zing! I suspect that for every FOAD posted, there’s a thousand readers nodding in silent agreement.

    About the dongle: I guess the point is that it takes the “hacking” out of installing a retail OSX disc on an arbitrary PC. That’s pretty cool — I mean, if e.g. my mom could do it, that’s a significant feat. I still don’t think it’s going to make a big dent in MS’s market share, because there are still enough Windows-only apps that you would need to transition the software base as well. Of course, that’s a chicken-or-egg problem… you’ve got to get the critical user mass to make porting worthwhile, but you’re not going to get the user mass without the apps.

    I guess the question is, can this thing break the cycle?

  7. >Mike, your obsessive (bordering on obsessive-
    >compulsive) ‘approvals’ and ‘disapprovals’ of posts
    >do nothing. If you dont like it, dont read it or
    >post. It’s just that easy.

    but i can post. this new direction of had aka as gizmodo light, engadget jr, digg/slashdot revisited is just plain shitty. This sight has turned into an aggregater of the other mash-ups.

    >I for one am interested in the hardware behind a
    >gizmo such as this (even if it were vaporware).

    I am interested in the hw as well, but there is no details at all on this one.

    >I see this site as not just ‘hacks’ but a place for
    >cool gizmos, hardware, software and other tasty
    >tech bits that I can sink my brains teeth into.

    hack a day serves up a fresh hack each day, every day from around the web and a special how-to hack each week.


  8. Mike, ejonesss.
    This will become a hack when the product is available when somebody wants to know if it really does steal your information! Give it time and somebody here will reverse-engineer it to get everything. Really not something hard I’m sure.

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