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Circuit Ideas Design has posted a digital picture frame project based on their 240×320 16-bit color QVGA display. We made our own digital frame from a smaller screen a while back and this is pretty much the same implementation except with a larger screen and built around the AVR family of microcontrollers rather than PIC controllers.

The thing that piqued our curiosity was the five icons silk screened on one end of the display. That’s right, this is a touch screen. The board also has a built in SD slot and a bit of flexibility for connecting to a microcontroller. It can be controlled from a 40-pin header, or from headers that are designed to work as an Arduino shield. We’d love to get our hands on one but we were unable to figure out what currency the list price was in. Has anyone used this board yet?

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  1. The TFT240320TP screen (Ebay Item number: 120467436705). It is not from It come from That board is TFT LCD with touch screen interface board.
    Our board design to be a complete intregate module with any application that want to use LCD, SD card. with interface 8/16 bit. So you can use with any microcontroler etc AVR, pic, 8051, Arduino. on arduino you can plug-in and play application.

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