Veteran Robot Features Eight Legs And BeagleBoard

This spider-bot was built by [Zhanx] during his deployment in Iraq. He didn’t have prior hardware building experience and started out on this project when he received an Arduino to play with in September. Must be a fast learner! The parts are laser-cut from ABS plastic and connected to 24 servos. He sourced an SSC-32 serial servo control board to take care of the motor connections.

[Zhanx] has since migrated from the Arduino to a BeagleBoard which you can see perched atop the body in the video after the break. This should give him plenty of speed and power to improve the movement routines. There’s some nice work here but adding rubber feet, like on yesterday’s hexapod, wouldn’t hurt.


18 thoughts on “Veteran Robot Features Eight Legs And BeagleBoard

  1. “This guy was laser cutting ABS plastic in IRAQ?!”

    Well he presumably sourced the servos locally.

    What do you think civilization just ceased when we invaded? I should imagine if anything (barring the language barrier) it’d be easier and certainly cheaper getting this sort of thing done in a machine shop there than here.

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