Trinket EDC Contest Winners

It’s time to announce the winners of the Trinket Everyday Carry Contest! We’ve had a great 5 weeks watching the projects come together. A team of Hackaday staffers spent their weekend watching videos and selecting their top entries based on the contest rules. We had a really hard time picking the top three – the competition was tight, and there were quite a few awesome projects.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

1337toolFirst Prize: 1337 3310 tool. [Mastro Gippo] really knocked this one out of the park. He built a swiss army knife of a tool out of the iconic Nokia 3310 candybar phone. 1337 3310 tool is a graphing voltage and current meter, an ohmmeter, a continuity tester that plays the original Nokia ringtone, and a gaming machine which can play Tetris.  [Mastro Gippo] is 99% there with TV-B-Gone functionality as well. Amazingly, [Mastro Gippo] kept the Nokia look and feel in his user interface. He spent quite a bit of time grabbing data and bitmaps from the 3310’s original ROM.  [Mastro Gippo] is getting a Rigol DS1054Z scope to help iron out the bugs in his future projects!

pavaproSecond Prize: Pavapro – portable AVR programmer. [Jaromir] built an incredible pocket-sized microcontroller programming tool. Pavapro can read and edit text files, handle serial I/O at 9600 baud, and burn AVR microcontrollers. If that’s not enough, it can actually assemble AVR binaries from source. That’s right, [Jaromir] managed to fit an entire assembler on the Pro Trinket’s ATmega328 processor. Pavapro’s 16 button keypad won’t allow for much in the way of touch typing, but it does get the job done with T9 style text entry. The device is also extensible, we’re hoping [Jaromir] adds a few other architectures! PIC and MSP430 modes would be awesome!  [Jaromir] will be receiving a Fluke 179 multimeter with a 6 piece industrial electronics tip kit! We’re sure he’ll put it to good use.

robohandThird Prize: Robotic 3rd Hand. Let’s face it. We can’t all be Tony Stark. But [Tim] gets us a little bit closer with his awesome wearable entry. Need a tool? Just press the button, and Robotic 3rd Hand will give you a … hand. [Tim’s] creation utilizes the Pro Trinket to drive a servo which moves an incredibly well designed and 3D printed mechanism that lifts a screwdriver off the wearer’s wrist and places it into their hand. [Tim] originally was going to go with Electromyography (EMG) sensors to drive the hand, however he switched to a simple button when they proved problematic. We absolutely think this was the right decision for the contest – it’s always better to have a simpler but working project rather than a complex yet unreliable one. That said, we’d love to see him circle back and give EMG another try! [Tim’s] next project will be soldered up with the help of a Hakko FX888D with a tip kit. If things get a bit wobbly, he can use his new Panavise 324 Electronic Work center to keep everything steady.

If you didn’t make the top three in this contest, don’t give up! We’re going to be having quite a few contests this year. The top 50 entrants will receive custom Hackaday EDC Contest T-shirts. Check out the full list of 50 on!

20 thoughts on “Trinket EDC Contest Winners

  1. More of these contests please :) although the HAD prize 2015 may take up most of your time :p but I really think targeting specific hardware evens the playing field. Maybe for future ones, you could:
    – Use the bus pirate for something other than it’s intended purpose
    – Build something awesome from cardboard, string and a few simple components
    – blink an LED in the most ridiculous way
    – make a rube goldberg machine!!
    – use deoderant to power something cool
    – build something IN the nearesr hardware store to you (would be harder, but is doable)
    But I digress. Well done to the top projects!

  2. Congrats to the winners, the 3310 tool was one of my personal favorites. I’m glad to see he’s continuing development with the Teensy, it should allow much more useful features in the same form factor.

  3. Really nicely done winners! Gutted I didn’t get my HAD trinket in time to complete a project (tracking said it was stuck at Heathrow airport over the Christmas period) but don’t think I could’ve come up with anything as cool as that Nokia project!

  4. Yay, my top three projects! Bingo :D Awesome contest and entries! I hope those other projects will be continued! Don’t be frustrated – most of you get t-shirts!! Start collecting them! I’ve ordered some MMR-70 radio modules with an atmega32 integrated thanks to this contest – 1 euro each – winning. Sadly I was not inspired for this contest, but I hope I will be for the next one. Thanks hackaday team!

  5. Congratulations; those are some great entries! I was (and still am) following all three and am happy to see them win.

    I’m mildly astounded (if that makes any sense) that I got in the top 50 with not one but two projects! I went into it thinking I might end up in the running for top three, but then lots of other, awesomer, entries popped up, and I got distracted for a week, which left me with too little time to finish my three entries (which I still want to finish, BTW), so this is quite a pleasant surprise. I’m looking forward to that shirt. (Or do I get two? ;) )

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