Nin10do Retro Game Console Stands Above All Others


If your living room entertainment area is not home to a Raspberry Pi based retro game console, you no longer have any excuses. Break out your soldering iron and volt/ohm meter and preheat the 3d printer, because you will not be able to resist making one of the best retro game consoles we’ve ever seen – The Nin10do.

It’s creator is [TheDanielSpies]. Not only did he make the thing from scratch, he’s done an extraordinary job documenting all the build details, making it easier than ever to follow in his footsteps and make one of your own. He designed the case in Autodesk and printed it out with XT Co-polyester filament. He uses a Raspi of course, along with an ATX Raspi board from Low Power Labs to make the power cycling easier. There’s even a little stepper that opens and closes a cover that hides the four USB ports for controllers. Everything is tied together with Python, making the project super easy to modify and customize to your liking.

All code, schematics and .stl files are available on his github. It even has its own Facebook page! Be sure to check out the vast array of videos to help you along with your build.



22 thoughts on “Nin10do Retro Game Console Stands Above All Others

  1. Um……

    The case is… creative? Artistic? Not sure what to say about it.

    I think as much work he put into it and taking that kind of artistic license, he might’ve been better off creating an entirely design.

    1. I agree. It’s designs like these that conventionally creative people will point to when they want to claim engineers aren’t in touch with their inner artist, or worst of all that engineering is not a creative endeavor.

      It hurts us all when we don’t put out our best, especially in an era when we’re trying to get people from all walks of life to be interested in math, science, engineering, etc.

    2. I disagree, in that this is a hack, along the lines of the old “put a PC inside a compact Mac case”. It required something new & creative. Sure, some define hacks as purely technical, hardware and software only, but packaging can sometimes push an “interesting” project over a threshold into “hey, that’s a pretty creative use for what has already been done AND it won’t look like cr*p in my rec room”.


    Except it’s just a RPi case, not a console. I expected a big case with original PCBs inside them and some clever switching circuitry.

  3. why not just create a link to thinkverse pi cases and make up some other false title? it would be the same article basically

    I wont be completely negative in my comment, descent looking design for a case anyway.

  4. Oh, I guess printing 3D cases and putting already assemble hardware in it is worthy of calling it a hack. The only hack here is the person who thought this was a good article to post.

  5. I like the design, I was just looking into doing the same thing. My 9-year old niece is in town for a month and I brought out the old nintendo I used to play on when I was her age. It still works, but I can tell she doesn’t enjoy trying to blow out the cartridges and fiddling with graphical artifacts.

    (Embarrassingly enough, she tends to live longer than I do in Contra)

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