Control Nest Devices With Amazon Echo

[ZPriddy] was looking for a way to control his Nest thermostats with Amazon Echo. He didn’t want to settle for using AWS or some other hosted service. [ZPriddy] wanted something that he could host and manage completely on his own. The end result is what he calls EchoNestPy.

[ZPriddy] started by learning how to use the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK). ASK is the official SDK that allows enthusiasts to add functionality to their Amazon Echo. Unfortunately for [ZPriddy], most of the example code he found was designed to be used on Amazon Lambda, but that didn’t stop him. After finding a few examples of Amazon Echo requests and responses, he was on his way.

[ZPriddy] chose to implement a simple web server using Flask. The web server listens for the Amazon requests and responds appropriately. It also Oauth2 authentication to ensure some level of security. The server is capable of synchronizing the temperature of multiple Nest devices in the same home, but it can also increment or increment the temperature across the board. This is accomplished with some simple voice commands such as “Tell Nest that I’m a little bit chilly”. If you like Amazon Echo hacks, be sure to check out this other one for controlling WeMo devices.

15 thoughts on “Control Nest Devices With Amazon Echo

  1. It’s sort of funny, to combine the google spying with amazon spying, to get a more comprehensive spied-on experience, now to combine the whole thing with windows10/cortana somehow..

    1. It’s sorta funny that we’ve gone from simple cheap electronic devices that cost 10 to 20 dollars to program and control the temp to needing the internet, servers, phones, and hacking… do the same thing, while not focusing on the very device that creates the temperature.

  2. Thanks for the work your putting in man. I do have a question for you though. I have two nest thermostats controlling separate AC units. Is there a way to get both Nest to comply to the temperature request?

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