Hackaday Podcast 004: Taking The Blue Pill, Abusing Resistors, And Not Finding Drones

Catch up on your Hackaday with this week’s podcast. Mike and Elliot riff on the Bluepill (ST32F103 boards), blackest of black paints, hand-crafted sorting machines, a 3D printer bed leveling system that abuses some 2512 resistors, how cyborgs are going mainstream, and the need for more evidence around airport drone sightings.

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17 thoughts on “Hackaday Podcast 004: Taking The Blue Pill, Abusing Resistors, And Not Finding Drones

  1. Blue Pill – ported it last week to the uTasker project and added a USB-MSD loader – video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq-m-Dokq7E&feature=youtu.be
    Including board/chip simulation: http://www.utasker.com/stm32/BluePill.html
    so can be used with Visual Studio, IAR, Keil, Rowley, GCC make file, Atollic, CooCox – with native uTasker OS or FreeRTOS,
    The USB-MSD loader can however also be used with Arduino applications.
    Applications written for the Blue Pill can run on many other STM32 parts (with almost no porting) or on most Kinetis parts (again without almost not porting effort….)

    1. I dunno, might be helpful to have some separation, until people get used to the sound of each of your voices, so the listener is sure who is speaking.

      Have most of the mix the same for both channels / people, with each person just sounding a little to the left / right if listening that way. So mono listeners will be fine, but just enough to give a clue. The exact levels are probably best found with practice, or at least I dunno what they are.

      I use “person” rather awkwardly cos I can’t think of a word for “a person who is speaking” that isn’t a confusing homophone for “a round cardboard thing that turns electrifcity into sound”.

    1. On 04-Feb-2019 19:35 EST / 05-Frb-2019 00:35 UTC:

      None of the video downloads at the link you provided work.



      404 Not Found The requested URL /pub/fosdem/2019/K.4.401/microcontroller_firmware_from_scratch.webm was not found on this server.

      The embedded video player doesn’t work either.

      The slides .zip archive downloads OK.

      Did a YouTube search for: FOSDEM 19 Microcontroller Firmware from Scratch. No good.

      1. Hmm, the FOSDEM folks are, most likely, still processing the talk videos, and something must have gone wrong. However, I just checked and everything works, so they must have fixed it. It also takes a while for them to put the videos on YouTube after the event, so don’t expect that soon. Otherwise I plan to add public notes, so the slides make more sense without the video and are faster to go through.

  2. Really enjoying your podcast. Keep up the great work (but for major features like the FPGA segment, a 45-second introduction to the technology for “newbies” prior to the discussion would be very, very helpful!)

    I agree with the others that a little bit of panning is helpful, since your two voices are similar in pitch range and timbre. Also, listing out the segments to be covered at the beginning of the episode would be great.

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