Quick-Swap Socket For Stemma QT Experiments

[kmatch98] shares a quick hack with us over at Hackaday.io – a 3D-printed socket for Adafruit Stemma QT-based I2C modules. Since Adafruit has standardized the dimensions for their Stemma QT boards, it’s possible to make a socket that would fit many different sensors at once, where the board just slides in.

This reminds us of sci-fi datadisks, or, thinking of something more grounded in reality, game console cartridges – except that here, the fun you’re having is from exploring all the different devices you can get to speak I2C. To make such a socket, you only need to 3D-print two plastic parts, put a JST-SH plug between them, and screw them together – if you want to modify these to your liking, .f3d sources are available. Now you no longer have to use fingernails or tin snips to take the JST-SH plug out of your modules!

[kmatch98] is no stranger to sharing his projects on Hackaday.io with us, and we’ve covered some of his larger projects before, like this CircuitPython-powered cyber-duck cyberdeck, or the 3D-printable Maypole braider machine!

6 thoughts on “Quick-Swap Socket For Stemma QT Experiments

  1. Elegant and free as in freedom 3d printed bracket! Replacing cheap dupont wires still is easier than dealing with a loose almost proprietary connector. I’d solder the classic pins to the board myself as long as they leave me the option.

    1. “almost proprietary” means not at all proprietary, it’s a standard part available from any distributor.

      Why do they need to leave You an option? Are they forcing you to buy it?

        1. Yeah and there’s often pins broken out that way in addition to the i2c. But as somebody who has actually used the Stemma QT boards and connectors: it’s really slick. Really handy, easy to use, really sturdy connectors that surface mount but are relatively easy to hand solder. And they are very common. Even lolin/WeMos have started including them on their boards.

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