Improved 3D Scanning Rig Adds Full-Sized Camera Support

There are plenty of reasons to pick up or build a 3D scanner. Modeling for animation or special effects, reverse engineering or designing various devices or products, and working with fabrics and clothing are all well within the wide range of uses for these tools. [Vojislav] built one a few years ago which used an array of cameras to capture 3D information but the Pi camera modules used in this build limited the capabilities of the scanner in some ways. [Vojislav]’s latest 3D scanner takes a completely different approach by using a single high-quality camera instead.

The new 3D scanner is built to carry a full-size DSLR camera, its lens, and a light. Much more similarly to how a 3D printer works, the platform moves the camera around the object in programmable steps for the desired 3D scan. The object being scanned sits on a rotating plate as well, allowing for the entire object to be scanned without needing to move the camera through a full 180° in two axes. The scanner can also be used for scanning more 2D objects while capturing information about texture, such as various textiles.

For anyone looking to reproduce something like this, [Vojislav] has made all of the plans for this build available on the project’s GitHub page including some sample gcode to demonstrate the intended use for the scanner. On the other hand, if you’re short the often large amount of funding required to get a DSLR camera, his older 3D scanner is still worth taking a look at as well.

3 thoughts on “Improved 3D Scanning Rig Adds Full-Sized Camera Support

  1. I’d really love a rigid yet compact scanning setup that folds back into a suitcase when done. I mean, alternatively it could also double as a stool or coffee table and fold out into its usable configuration every now and then.

    I’m feeling reminded of [Malte Schrader] and the X-Printer build ( which could be re-envisioned as a camera jig to meet that need.

    1. Get started then.

      Lose the Z axis and camera pivot. Replace with pivoting arm that does both.
      Lose _everything_ except the turntable and camera pivot arm.
      No part is best part.

      This camera rig is more ridged then most cheap CNC routers. Too much!

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