UAV reigns down vengeance upon thee

An unemployed electrical engineer can be a very dangerous thing. [Cybrown] has turned his skills toward darker, more awesome applications by building an armed unmanned aerial vehicle. This is a remote control airplane that has a movable camera mounted in the cockpit. Video and GPS data are sent back to the pilot who views the picture via a wearable display. We’re betting this doesn’t have the range that the 100km UAV did, but that’s good because this one brings doom from the skies. Check the wings in the picture above, this RC is fireworks-enable. We’ve embedded flight footage and attack video after the break.

Update: Here is a forum post covering this nugget of awesome. There are just a few details but the entire thread is interesting. Someone pointed this out in the comments but they don’t get credit because they didn’t leave a link.

Flight demo

Launching fireworks

[Thanks Jonathan]

55 thoughts on “UAV reigns down vengeance upon thee

  1. Not your average level of illegal, shooting fireworks from planes. VERY illegal. That’s like WAY worse that murder. It’s so illegal, we shouldn’t even be talking about it. I’d show you the statutes actually concerning the possession and use of an aerial transport capable of launching small to medium recreational explosive outside of city limits on private property, but it’s so VERY illegal even trying to find them is illegal. They are likely so illegal they don’t exist.

  2. what about controlling the drone using IR LEDs on the user and a wiimote so as to give the user the access to programs like google earth on a HUD. Tagging of targets would be simple. i prefer the 3 motor turbofan type of drones though. Cool Hack has given me a hundred ideas…. back to the shed with my soldering iron.

  3. @Jimbo:

    Your ideas are intriguing, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

    I would imagine controlling via IR leds would introduce range problems and be much more sensitive to line-of-sight.

    I would like to know more about how to interface google earth into the HUD, that sounds like an amazing project!

    Why the 3 motor turbofan?

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