Ego Box Monitors Web Hits

[Bogdan’s] latest project is a box that displays web hits for a chosen site. He calls it the Ego Box because depending on how traffic goes it either bloats or crushes your ego. This provides similar functionality as our Troll Sniffing Rat but the biggest difference is that this is a stand-alone Ethernet device. That’s thanks to the ENC28J60 Ethernet controller chip which manages the stack and has been quite popular in DIY electronic projects. In order to monitor your hits [Bogdan] crafted a bit of code to add to the header of your index page. It increments the counter file each time the page is loaded, and the Ego Box simply monitors that file, displaying the traffic on an eight digit 7 segment display.

[via Adafruit]

12 thoughts on “Ego Box Monitors Web Hits

  1. @Jake is clearly not subject to human feelings the rest of us are subject to ;)

    I mean,who doesn’t refresh the page hoping for a torrent of comments/views/downloads on your latest webapp/blogpost/API to launch you into a veritable internet celebrity?

    Or, for the more practical among us, hoping that a fraction of those hits will turn over into ads!

    That was a interesting way of saying, “Yeah, my ego mimicks my monthly pageviews!”. :P

  2. Well, looking around, the 100000000 visitor to pages is always me, and I always get offered a great prize, so yeah, a free hat would sure be one of the things that it could be ;)

    Also when it gets to there, he would have to get out a sharpie to add a digit

  3. @PeachPit well said.

    @goose when the counter will pass over the 8 digit limit the box will simply display the first 8 digits of the number, so you will lose precision but it will not be a malfunction.

    I don’t really see any way you could modify the script to crash the device. The box simply reads a file and takes out the first 8 (or less) characters of it and displays them. In case those are not numbers, it will just display garbage.

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