Cardboard And Paper Gun Shows Off Clever Construction

This project by [blackfish] shows off a cardboard lookalike of an MP5 that loads from a working magazine, has a functional charging handle, and flings paper projectiles with at least enough accuracy to plink some red party cups. It was made entirely from corrugated cardboard, paper, rubber bands, and toothpicks.

In the video (embedded below) you can see some clever construction techniques. For example, using a cyanoacrylate adhesive to saturate areas of wood, cardboard, or paper to give them added strength and rigidity. The video is well-edited and worth a watch to see the whole process; [blackfish] even uses a peeled piece of cardboard — exposing the corrugated part — as a set of detents (6:56) to retain the magazine.

Cardboard is a great prototyping material, so long as you can work with its characteristics instead of against them, but luckily we have some tips on just how to do just that.

[via The Firearm Blog]

22 thoughts on “Cardboard And Paper Gun Shows Off Clever Construction

  1. You shouldn’t have your finger on the trigger while one of your hands is near the muzzle…
    Treat toy weapons as real ones, and you’ll be less likely to have an accident while handling a real one.

    Very nice job! Enough reinforced cardboard and you can model almost anything. Had a cuckoo clock kit once, but never assembled it because way too many parts.

  2. Have you seen the paper replicas? Check out Jonocade and Tacome1942 on YouTube, they make paper replicas like 1911s and then reload brass with primers-only and wood bullets. They work! Very functionally-accurate and detailed for being overkill paper mache.

    1. Some student will eventually hack his school’s educational tablets and use a zero-day exploit to crash their power management chip and set the lithium battery to fire. After that it’s just a matter of throwing the tablets around, no paper needed.

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