Camp Kitchen Kit For Food On The Go!

Camping and road trips are a heck of a lot of fun, despite lacking many of the creature comforts that come from a house and its amenities. We’re all for fire-cooked meals, but sometimes, you want a cook-top and a sink to make cooking on the go a quick process. What if you could pack up a kitchen into a box and take it with you?

[pointblankjustice]  — opting for overkill — built this for his girlfriend instead of the requested box to simply store camping supplies. Glued and screwed plywood forms the frame, drawers, and lid which was then stained and painted to make for an appealing finish. A simple propane camp stove makes a worthy cook-top.

Obviously, one must include a kitchen sink, so a small bar sink and hose faucet are kept running with a cheap, 12V, 35psi pressure pump from Amazon. A little doughnut magnet keeps the faucet secured when not in use. Spent grey-water drains from a hose into a bucket or into a ditch (don’t worry — [pointblankjustice] uses biodegradable soap!).

As an added bonus, [pointblankjustice] has some under-cabinet lighting and accent lighting to keep things cooking late into the night, with power supplied by an extension cord going to their Jeep’s cigarette lighter outlet — plans to add a built-in battery are pending. There’s also a pair of USB ports to keep one’s phone charged and a bear-shaped bottle opener to keep the good times rolling!

The kit packs up nicely and fits snug in the rear of [pointblankjustice]’s Jeep with enough room for other supplies and a pair of dogs.

For longer hauls out into the wilderness, you might consider bringing a solar power supply unit that literally lasts for days.

[via /r/DIY]

17 thoughts on “Camp Kitchen Kit For Food On The Go!

  1. Hahaha, that’s pretty good root beer! ;)
    And this is on my to-do list, nice job.
    I need a double sink though.

    Happy Fourth of July, fellow ‘mericans!
    I want to see everyone back here tomorrow with all their extremities attached…

      1. By calling it the 4th of July then everyone is acknowledged, you see. There’s a 4th of July in England, a 4th of July in Afghanistan, a 4th of July in Zimbabwe…

  2. Nicely done.

    I used to do projects like this once – here’s the criteria that I (apparently) worked to –

    1) You have to spend a day to make at least one custom tool or template
    2) You must spend at least two days working on software to optimize a parameter only to realize “round” is the optimum shape for a wheel
    3) Materials alone must cost at least four times the cost of a similar item from Ikea
    4) You have to add some unusual things as “bling” that will always look out of place
    5) The color selection for the finish must take color blindness to a whole new level
    6) There must be at least one “not quite right” part held in place with sticky tape
    7) There must be at least one “not quite right” part held in place with a cable tie
    8) The earlier revisions of electronics must be vapor tested

    Do hackers here have other criteria ??

  3. Fantastic DIY job, but is this seriously the level of Hackaday now? Posting summaries of reddit posts?

    If HaD got pointblankjustice to come here and write a longer article about their build, then I could understand the need for an article. But as it stands this is just a summary of comments on the reddit post.

    So HaD, where’s your value add as opposed to just subscribing to /r/DIY?

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