Putting too many horses in a golf cart

Want to put 100 horses into your golf cart and then take it to the Dragstrip? Why not? [Mac McAlpine] did just that by dropping a 2007 GSXR 600 EFI into a 1987 gas-powered Yamaha golf cart. After the break you can see a video of the test run, as well as an overview of the modifications made when swapping engines. [Mac] mentions that the setup still uses the stock bike chain and jackshift even with the upgrade in power. He has, however, upgraded both the front and rear axles with caliper and drum brakes respectively. There’s also a NASCAR Car of Tomorrow wing on the roof to help keep the wheels on the pavement.

Good thing he’s wearing that helmet. Without a seatbelt it’ll make smashing through the windshield a little more comfortable. Drive carefully [Mac]!

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Golf cart modding for R/C

After making a few units for the new Discovery t.v. show called Weaponizers, [Jeremy] decided to release this video showing how to modify a golf cart for radio control. The radio and controller are basic off the shelf R/C gear, running some linear actuators.
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