Cubicle-dwellers Rewarded For Reflexes


[StudioJooj] is trying to torture or test his colleagues in his office. A lot of folks leave a candy jar on their desks for all to enjoy but he’s making his friends work for their reward. Like cubicle-dwelling lab subjects, they must successfully navigate his maze to be rewarded with chocolate. The game piece is an amazingly orb-like peanut M&M candy. The maze is constructed from plywood and moves on two axis with the help of a couple of servos. The user interface includes a couple of NES console buttons to release the game piece and a PS2 joystick to control the maze. [StudioJooj] was nice enough to include a music video in his project clip.

We wonder the M&Ms will disappear faster or slower than they would from a candy jar.

[via SparkFun]

9 thoughts on “Cubicle-dwellers Rewarded For Reflexes

  1. Awesome!

    One problem: the candy falling down the fail ramp is still given to the user at the front of the maze. I would much rather see a clumsy coworker try again and again…

  2. How about a fail ramp that puts the M&M back in the dispenser. Then you only get the reward for successful completion and you don’t have to keep reloading the dispenser as often.

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