Extreme Wire Buzz Game

Remember that old buzz wire game? Kinda like Operation, where you have to do a dexterous task without touching the walls… Well here’s a fun twist on it — what if you throw a 4 million volt stun gun into the mix?

That’s right, [Mike] was given a taser flashlight, and he had this brilliant idea to make a game out of it. The game features three metal wire sections which get progressively harder, with higher risk too! Using the handle, you have to guide an eye-bolt along the wire sections. But be careful — the circuit is live, and if you touch the metal, you’re going to get quite the shock!

To ensure people don’t get hurt, or continue tazing themselves, you use your left hand to hold a button. That way when you convulse in pain, you’ll kill the circuit.

The first section takes 1.3V and steps it up with a transformer to give you a shock. The second section, 2.6V. The third — 5V. In the third and final section you’ll be getting a whopping 4 million volt shock if you slip up.

Fantastic. If you prefer shocking others instead of yourself, why not build a pair of tazer gloves? It’s a bad idea.

[via r/DIY]

12 thoughts on “Extreme Wire Buzz Game

  1. I’m calling bullshit on a taser producing 4 million volts. That’s enough to jump a meter or more through dry air, and is about two orders of magnitude higher than I’ve ever heard attributed to a taser-like device.

    1. That’s probably chinese-ebay-volts, you get them if you multiply real volts with 1000.
      BTW, judging from that GIF, that taser is more dangerous to person who has it than it’s to an attacker. It doesn’t stun attacker, it just makes him more angry and violent.

  2. It’s not 4 million volts.

    Dielectric breakdown of air happens at around 3-4 kV per millimeter, so a 4 MV source would just be shooting 3 feet long streamers all over the place. You’d get shocked without touching the wire.

    1. When I first saw a picture of this elsewhere and it said 4 million volts I assumed it was just a normal game and somebody put some bullshit labels on it.
      I’m actually surprised there is any electric shock.

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