Open Source Kitchen Helps You Watch What You Eat

Every appliance business wants to be the one that invents the patented, license-able, and profitable standard that all the other companies have to use. Open Source Kitchen wants to beat them to it. 

Every beginning standard needs a test case, and OSK’s is a simple one. A bowl that tracks what you eat. While a simple concept, the way in which the data is shared, tracked, logged, and communicated is the real goal.

The current demo uses a Nvidia Jetson Nano as its processing center. This $100 US board packs a bit of a punch in its weight class. It processes the video from a camera held above the bowl of fruit, suspended by a scale in a squirrel shaped hangar, determining the calories in and calories out.

It’s an interesting idea. One wonders how the IoT boom might have played out if there had been a widespread standard ready to go before people started walling their gardens.

6 thoughts on “Open Source Kitchen Helps You Watch What You Eat

  1. For an Open Source Kitchen, I would expect the first thing to develop would be a refrigerator.
    A number of mfgrs already have “connected” fridges, putting a “standard” there would show that you are serious.
    But, a squirrel shaped fruit bowl?

    1. Go ahead and make something you think is worthy of this site then. Be the change you want to see because apparently there aren’t enough “hacks” for this site to post about, so they are reaching out to promote a community project.

  2. It’s an interesting project, but also the definition of overkill. I’ll leave the inevitable naysaying to others and simply say: I like the combination of a loadcell and a camera for food tracking.

  3. A Jetson Nano and locked in place scale/fruit bowl seems to be the wrong idea to begin with in my opinion. I would have expected an app for your phone, and maybe a connected kitchen scale, if you really need some measurements.
    Basically everyone who would be interested in tracking all theyr food intake will have a phone with a camera anyway. The few people who don’t have such device will not be ready to track theyr food in a digital way anyway…
    Just snap a picture on your phone of the meal before you start eating, machine learning algorythms automatically identify what food that might be and what’s the approximate size of the portion. Store that on a cloud service and have a happy time tracking your food…
    I would never want to leave a complete trace of what i eattho. Maybe if there is a medical need for it one day, but right now, i don’t think this data would provide me any benefit.

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