Hackaday Newsletter: Now including “This day in Hackaday History”


A while back we toyed with the idea of doing a look back on hackaday history. We weren’t sure how often to publish it, or what exactly to publish. Now, we’ve decided that this will be the main part of the Hackaday news letter. You can sign up here if you haven’t already, but hurry I’m sending out today’s newsletter in a couple hours!

Each email (1-2 a week) will have that day’s history going all the way back to roughly the beginning. It will also have a quick blurb about what video I’m working on or any other little hackaday news bits.

The Hackaday Newsletter is growing!

NewsletterI’ve been having fun with the newsletter, and we have over 2500 people subscribed.  Up to this point they have mainly just been composed of information about the videos I’m making.  I’m going to change that this week.  The emails will now also have 10 random hacks, probably the most popular hacks that week. Maybe something from the past of hackaday. It all pretty much just depends on what people end up enjoying.  You’ll find the sign up form here, or over there –> in the side bar.

I’m going to keep this extremely informal. I’ll let you know what projects I’m working on, and share some hacks with you. Sign up if this sounds like something you’d enjoy! I plan on sending out 1 to 2 emails per week.