Maximize The IPhone 3G’s Battery Life

Gizmodo has posted a guide for extending the battery life of your shiny new iPhone 3G. Apple is notorious for pushing products with unimpressive battery life, and the new iPhone is no different. The battery isn’t user-replaceable, which means you can’t keep a spare, and the energy needs of the 3G chipset adds to the problem. Apple provides some useful tips on maximizing battery life for your iPhone. The tips include common sense advice that applies to nearly all electronic devices – turning down the brightness on your LCD screen, turning off radios not in use like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and 3G, and setting Auto-lock to a minute or less will keep your devices running smoothly for longer.

We like to carry an extra USB battery like this one; you can also make your own like this one with an Altoids tin.

IPhone 3G: Under The Hood

TechOnline has cracked open the iPhone 3G to find out what makes it tick. They’ve released detailed diagrams as well as some videos of the dissection.

Calling this an incremental update, they note that the changes seem to be additions and improvements rather than a total rebuild of the original platform. They get into the nitty gritty, discussing not only the layout and structure, but even the importance of each chip manufacturer.

Some of the improvements are obvious, like 3G. Others include the battery not being permanently attached, and the headphone jack being flush mounted. Most of the changes were in who manufactured each chip.

[via TUAW]

IPhone Dev Team Shows Ssh Access

They still haven’t released the jailbreak yet, but the iPhone dev team hasn’t been sitting idly by either. They recently posted this video of ssh access on the iPhone 3G. Not only have they succeeded in hacking into the phone, they say that apple can’t fix it without a hardware change. Having root level access to the device opens up many more possibilities than just hooking an API.

Will It Blend? Tests The IPhone 3G

The Will It Blend? host, [Tom Dickson], is at it again. This time, he blends the new Apple iPhone 3G. We’re completely in awe of how efficient the blender is at the destruction of electronics, and this time, it’s no different. Watch in fascination (or horror) as [Dickson] turns the latest iPhone into ashes.

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IGiveUp Bluetooth Handset

Instructables user [ManaEnergyPotion] has posted a rather humorous Bluetooth handset hack. He simply took apart an airsoft handgun and a Bluetooth headset, and then placed the components neatly within the case. The earpeice is actually in the barrel of the gun, while the microphone is in the handle. You pull the trigger to answer a call, or to end a call. The best part is that they took this to the iPhone product launch, and posted a video of people’s reaction to this as an actual product concept. You can check it out after the break.

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IPhone Dev Team Releases Jailbreak Video

The iPhone dev team, notorious for jailbreaking the iPhone has just released a video of the iPhone 3G hacked. Keep up to date with it and watch for a release on their blog. This is a major update to the PwnageTool which is already available for previous versions of the iPhone.

They have added a lot of new features such as: canned web searches, custom installer configuration, and custom root partitions. They promise to release it soon, but state that it will not be this weekend. You can get a the high resolution version of the video from our mirror.

Engadget Goes In Depth With The IPhone 3G

Over at Engadget, they’ve taken some time to completely review the iPhone 3G. Take a few moments to stop reading about all the trouble activating them and read about the phone itself.

In short, they hit the following points:

  • The case feels thinner than it is.
  • The shape of the case makes it wobble on a hard surface.
  • Call quality is greatly improved.
  • Speeds are greatly increased.
  • Battery life is underwhelming.

They seem positive in their conclusion, we’ll have to wait and see how they feel after a little more time with it.