TrackRobot Sports Welded Steel, Not Plastic

Don’t let the knee-high size of [Hrastovc]’s creation fool you. TrackRobot weighs in at a monstrous 60 kg (130 lbs) of steel, motors, and battery. It sports two 48V motors in a body and frame made from pieces of finger-jointed sheet steel, and can reach speeds of up to four meters per second with a runtime of up to an hour. The project’s link has more pictures as well as DXF files of the pieces used for the body.

Currently TrackRobot is remote-controlled, but one goal is to turn it into a semi-autonomous snow plow. You can see TrackRobot going through its first steps as well as testing out a plow prototype in the videos embedded below.

Snow projects don’t show up very often, but there have been some great ones like the fully 3D printed snow thrower, the one-wheeled single-ski Snow Bike, and the wonderful FPV Snow Sled made from spare parts.

15 thoughts on “TrackRobot Sports Welded Steel, Not Plastic

      1. It’s a risk if you overdo it and you’re not paying attention to your heart rate. My wife and I have found a solution: we both go out to shovel the snow, but we only bring one shovel. Every few minutes we trade back and forth between “grunt” and “supervisor” duties, the snow gets shoveled quickly and nobody has to call 911.

  1. re: the snowbot video that Nick linked
    I’m envisioning GPS control for the discharge chute.
    Pick a general reference to keep it aimed at.
    This makes me want one of the RC mowers built from an old electric wheelchair projects.

  2. Gear it down a little more and you’ve got a 600EU, rechargeable, remote-controlled dozer/tractor for your small-holding. Nice!

    We need a few more details on assembly (shafts, battery, controller electronics) though, Hrastovc.

    Now then, where can I get laser-cut steel with free international shipping? :-)

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