Incredible 1000 mW Iron Man repulsor beam


German lab technician by day, hacker by night [Patrick Priebe] has done it again, this time strapping a ridiculously high-powered laser to the palm of his hand. Earlier this year, we showed you an awesome Neodymium:YAG pulse laser pistol he built, and it seems he never takes a rest from constructing crazy laser projects.

[Patrick] is a huge Iron Man fan, and his palm-mounted laser unit was built as an ode to his all-time favorite super hero. Crafted to invoke images of Iron Man’s repulsor beam, his laser uses a 1000 mw 445 nm laser diode to get the job done. if you happen to be keeping track, that makes his DIY laser just as powerful as the WickedLasers Spyder 3 Arctic – THE benchmark in portable handheld lasers.

Like his previous builds, we can’t seem to find a whole lot of information about the laser’s construction process. We do know however, that the unit was crafted from a 2mm thick sheet of brass, which fits nicely on his hand while simultaneously acting as a very large heat sink. This large surface area allows him to run the laser continuously for three minutes before requiring a cool down, which is no small feat.

We think it’s an awesome project, and as you can see by the videos of the three separate revisions it has undergone, [Patrick] is quite serious when it comes to perfecting his wares.

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Hackaday links: September 19, 2010

6502 Gate Simulator

Ever wondered what’s going on inside that chip as the program executes? Now you can take a look at the die itself with this visual gate simulator for the 6502 processor. [Thanks Puli and Svofski]

Copper corrosion

[Moogle] cracked open his DockStar to find corroded copper. It seems that Seagate left a portion of the ground plane unprotected and it reacted badly with the shielding metal. If you have one of these devices you might want to crack it open and tin the exposed copper so that it will hold up over time.

Segway kickstand

Don’t want your Segway to flop over when you park it? Follow [Paul's] lead in building a kickstand for the self-balancer. You can just make it out in the image above. It’s a dumbell that folds down from the handlebar tube when you’re not on board.

Tesla makes everything better

Do you like the song Iron Man? We think it’s better when our friend Nikola takes part.

No Smoking

Smoking is really quite bad for you. Plus you can’t chain smoke nearly as efficiently as this mechanical smoking machine can so don’t even try. [Thanks Ferdinand]

Arc Reactor replica

This Arc Reactor is a great re-creation of the fictional source of Iron Man’s power. It’s really just a holder for a bunch of LED’s, but it exhibits some fine craftsmanship which we enjoy in any project. This rendition is much more true to the movie than the last look-a-like we saw. These might end up being for sale (the webpage narrative is kind of weird) but you really shouldn’t be wearing this kind of thing around unless you made it yourself, or if you can add it to some kind of Iron Man simulator.

[Thanks Cr8vie]

Power suit for Japanese farmers


Researchers at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have been demoing a new power suit. It’s intended to be used by people hand harvesting in the farm industry. The 55 pound device supports the worker’s joints as they squat and reach. Within three years, they hope to have the cost within $10K. We’ve seen quite a few power suit devices this year, but research has been going on for many years, as you can see in our power suit roundup.

[Thanks Lane]


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