USB 2.0 FPGA based 24 channel logic analyzer

[lekernel] sent in his USB logic analyzer. I might just have to build this one for my work bench. It’s based on an Altera Cyclone 2 FPGA and he’s provided full schematics, source and a quick and dirty Linux driver to get things going. The board is nearly all surface mount, but he points out that the entire thing was soldered with a standard iron and de-soldering wick. If you’re looking for a good starter FPGA project, this looks like a good one.

I started writing for Hack-A-Day a little over a year ago. I’ve barely taken a break, but for the next week I’m going to be taking some serious time off on a Caribbean island. Thanks for a great year guys! While I’m gone, [fbz] has kindly consented to take over the reins. I’m looking forward to another year when I get back, but right now I’ve got to finish packing my dive gear.

Mega8 Logic tester

[Ast] sent in his time sampling logic analyser (in German, so use the fish) based on a Atmel Mega8 and a FT232 USB interface and several logic chips. It can store time captures in memory, then upload them to a PC via USB. Looks like a great tool for advanced logic testing.


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